i2 – The innovation institute

The Innovation Institute is a dynamic based learning community in which students empower their own learning process.  Students are able to unleash creativity, imagination, and talent through a rigorous academic program. Students participating in this program are inspired and prepared to meet challenges encountered as 21st century learners.  Our program allows for student collaboration, innovation, and critical thinking ensuring that students will be ready for the International Baccalaureate Program, Dual Enrollment, or Early College.  The key to success at the Innovation Institute is inquiry, achievement, exploration, and research.  Students are provided the opportunity to participate in the philosophy of learning, as well as engage in student collaboration.

Freshmen will participate in cohorted classes:  Honors World History, Honors Biology, and Honors World Literature.  Sophomore year students will participate in AP cohorted classes:  AP Government and AP Econ.  Tenth grade year will focus on AP curriculum coursework and academic preparation for future endeavors.  The two-year program requires a Foreign Language component in which students will participate in language acquisition courses for two consecutive years at the high school level.  Our customized program of study emphasizes in-depth learning, as well active community involvement.

It is strongly recommended that students participating in the program have received Carnegie credit for Physical Science and Ninth Grade Literature.  For more information, please contact leighann.nicolella@hallco.org or anna.jackson@hallco.org.